Eikesdalsvatnet To come to the beautiful Eikesdal you have to drive along the 20 kilometer long water of Eikesdal (picture to the left). On each side the mountains reach up to 1700 meters height, the highest, Kleneggen is 1964 meter. It can make most wonder what they will find on the other side, something our famous writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson also wondered about. He wrote this phrase in the story about "Arne" while he lived in Eikesdal.
The 12 kilometer long valley of Eikesdal is famous for its dry and warm climate, something the forest in the valley is a proof on. Here is both elm and hazel (hazelnuts were earlier a large income in the valley). You will find Norway's largest hazel forest here. Eikesdal bids on many beautiful nature experiences, the waterfall Mardalsfossen is perhaps the best known. But you can also fish salmon or salmon trout, walk in the mountains along DNT's paths or perhaps you would like to dig gold. Eikesdalsvatnet
Fjellveien For those who don't have any fear for heights a tour over the mountains by car is also recommendable (picture to the left). Some claims that it is a larger experience than driving Trollstigen. The highest point is 947 meters above sea level. There you get a view you have to search long for. It is also possible to drive the 68 kilometer over the mountains to Sunndalsøra, though only in the summer.